Monday, December 15, 2008

DEEP FREEZE Precautions

Well, life on the farm is a bit different when the temperatures are in the teens and twenties. The "outside" dogs have now moved inside which makes life a bit interesting. They are large enough to "share" things on the counter. We just lost a bit of butter out of the butter dish that was left on the counter after breakfast. They don't even have to jump - just reach their little (well big) noses right over the counter. That really frustrates me since we haven't had to train them not to do that. It is like having 2 100 pound toddlers poking around the house. YIKES!
Jacob sure enjoys them in the house though....but he doesn't like the doggy hair that they leave behind. They also need to have baths REALLY badly. I just don't really want 2 100 WET dogs lounging in my house!
We brought Velvet inside Saturday night and she is now "living" in a small dog crate in the bathtub. The mice are still growing (ANYONE WANT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT OR TWO?) We had to separate the boys and girls so we don't get more babies......There were 7 baby boys and 7 baby girls, so we actually had 14 babies instead of the 11 I first thought I counted. And the fish are just swimming around in the aquarium totally oblivious to the FREEZING weather outside.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I do not have a sense of smell. Mom

Julie said...

Wait. Who (what?) is Velvet?

Jacob must be having a "two dog night".

Deborah said...

Our dog needs a bath too in a bad way too. She also comes in this time of year.

As for the mice. I think they're cute, but I already experienced the joys of breeding mice when I was a young 'un.

I am enjoying your blog!

Mel-Beth said...

Velvet is our outsdie rabbit! So now we have 2 rabbits and 3 dogs in the the mice and fish! ;0)

Nancy said...

I hear it is going to be a long winter in Washington, and an even longer winter in the Haug household. You are a brave woman.