Monday, December 15, 2008

Sledding on the Neighbor's Hill (aka PE)

Here is a quick (because I was VERY cold) video of the boys on the neighbor's hill with their grandson. The video is from our back deck because I was too lazy to get my gear on - not to mention that Josh has outgrown his winter boots and is wearing mine by stuffing his feet into them. The sound you hear is the wind blowing. BURRRRRRR!

The boys had a great time and were out a LONG time. Josh took Obbie over to visit Mocha (the chocolate lab next door) but she went in before he got there. By the time Obbie got back home I think his little paws were just about frozen. He just stood and shivered and looked at me like he was saying, "How could you let Josh take me outside on a day like this?" I felt really bad but I got him cuddled in a blanket and got him warmed up. He still sneaks away from Josh if he has his coat and boots on.

Jacob is in the blue coat and Josh is in the gray and orange coat.

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Julie said...

Well, haven't YOU been busy posting lately!

My boys have been out for 3 1/2 hours. I'm expecting a cocoa run soon...