Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's Day "fun"

We had a very mellow New Year's Day. We celebrated New Year's Eve at a friend's house and stayed up WAY past our (the adults) bedtime. So we slept in and just hung around the house in a daze of too little sleep.
Around 4 pm Jacob slipped as he was running by this desk ...
and fell with his eye landing on the corner pictured. He started yowling and being concerned parents we jumped off the couches where we were dozing (again) and ran to him. He was laying on the floor, so I picked him up and saw blood trickling (thankfully it wasn't gushing) from his eye. Ken got a wet rag and we were able to assess the damage.
Funny side note: Josh came running from the back of the house yelling, "I didn't do it!" Do you think we have a guilty complex?
God, in His mercy, kept Jacob's eye safe and he didn't need stitches. He didn't even get a black eye out of this. Just a swollen eye the next day and then he was back to normal! Whew!


Julie said...

Wow. That was a near miss! Thank God :0)

traci said...

alreight, I mean really if your going to have a blog......why don't you write in it. ;-]

Julie said...

Hello, Mel-beth,

Is anybody home???