Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camping Finale

Here is how we set up our tent sites.....we have 3 side by side and put the tents and the kitchen on the gravel and then the kids can play on the grass.We walked up from the campground through town to the upper lake (boy was it a hike!). Then we sat on the dock for moral support until we were too frozen to talk......we decided that since all the boys were out on the lake and we couldn't even see them we would be just as supportive back at the camp by the fire. So we drove back to camp.
Poor Obbie was so cold on this night that he crawled into Ken's sleeping bag before we went to bed. It looks like we tucked him in but he did his own tucking!
Jacob found a lizard.....are you surprised after all his animal adventures when we first got here?
This is our knitting circle. Angie learned how to knit this year and I actually finished a whole dishrag in this trip. I learned last year but it took me all year to finish the dishrag I started last year.
Jacob had to go for one last ride in Tammy's new kayak. He sure can move in that thing!
Jacob caught a nice rainbow out of the lower lake.
This is the annual group photo.Here's the boys before Aaron and Marcus left on Friday. We stayed until Sunday so the boys were a bit sad to see their friends go home earlier than us.
Gene, the owner of Liar's Cove, even got in on the silly picture!

Once everyone left, we walked to town and got ice cream cones at the store.

The boys got to kayak with Averie - the granddaughter of the owners. They were helping around the campground so they earned free kayak rides. They went all the way across the lake and explored the irrigation dam and then raced back.

The boys got a raft from Uncle Scott and Aunt Val. Jacob took me out for the maiden voyage while Josh watched from the dock.
Obbie was exhausted since the boys and Averie took him on a walk to town Friday and Saturday.

We had a close encounter with a nice deer. Jacob and Grandpa were able to feed her.
Jacob even got an eye to eye look!
The kids were using the golf cart to help with picking up garbage and pinecones.
They were nice and gave Grandpa a ride up to his cabin.

One last trip to the upper lake to catch bass. It sure does taste good. Josh likes it cooked with butter and Johnny's seasoning. We like it deep fried with beer batter or panko crumbs. YUMMY!One final kayak ride Sunday morning before we left.
On the way home we stopped in Winthrop to get ice cream, caramel apples and caramel marshmallows. Josh has been wanting a gold pan so he found one there. He was very excited (don't mind the false smile - he is in a goofy stage when it comes to pictures right now).

Jacob and I played mini golf. We didn't keep score but we were both pretty even.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Looks like you had a blast! Your boys are so well behaved (observation from church). come by my blog!

Mel-Beth said...

Thanks! I'll come visit your blog soon!

Nancy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time camping. Great memories! I especially liked this last post when you were wrapped up in blankets freezing. FINALLY, someone feels my pain up here.(smile)