Monday, July 6, 2009

First Day of Camping

We arrived at our campsite in Conconully on Friday evening. While we set up camp the boys started fishing.

Josh caught fish - which of course is the purpose of this trip!

Jacob caught three different kinds of animals in about one hour between dusk and dark......this was after he caught a few fish.

First, the turtle.......

Then the HUGE frog (which he promptly put right in my face so I could see it better!).......

And FINALLY the bat....yes, I said BAT! He was fishing for bass but the bat must have done something wrong with his echolocation sensors and ended up wound up in the fishing line.Yes, my son gets the award for the most "unusual" catch of the trip! And it was just the first day! Ken was able to get the bat unwound from the line but the little bat was not happy. He kept opening his mouth like he wanted to bite all of us. When it finally did get free, guess where it landed? ON ME!!! I did run around yelping but thankfully it didn't bite me. I didn't really want to spend our first night camping back in town at the hospital getting rabies shots. So, he flopped off of me and sat stunned on the gravel for a few minutes. Then Ken took a branch to touch it to see if it was alive and he flew off. WHEW! What a start to our trip!


Herding Grasshoppers said...


I love the turtle, though :0)

See ya in a few days,


Nancy said...

I loved everything except the bat story -- I have a HUGE aversion to bats. Once again, Mel-Beth, you are a brave woman.

Nancy said...

I was so distracted by the bat story, I forgot to comment on the frog. That is the most expressive live frog face I have ever seen!

Mel-Beth said...

All I can say is.....the joy of raising boys who are ALL BOY! God sure does have a sense of humor, huh? Me, a girly girl, as a mother of outdoorsy boys!