Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 4 Parade

It's the big day- the Conconully July 4th Parade. The boys have been waiting all year for this.....and Jacob had some problems. First, they each decorated their bikes so they could ride behind the Liar's Cove Resort's float (that is the resort that we stay at - just remember it is a fishing "resort" no spas around here!). Well, here is Jacob's bike all fixed up and ready to go.
As he was taking a ride through the campground to test out the decorations, he blew a tire. Not just got a flat but it popped! What a BUMMER. But our friend Darren came to the rescue and said that Jacob could ride on the back of his we transferred all the decorations to Darren's bike. They did a test drive and Jacob thought that it would work.

As soon as that was finished, Jacob got a bloody nose that lasted for a while. He was just about ready to throw the towel in. He said, "Maybe I'll just skip the parade." Poor guy! I told him that we could find the float and see if he could ride on it instead of the bike. That made him feel a bit better.

Off to town we went, the kiddos on the bikes and the parents walking (just a few blocks through a trail)....did I mention that it was a hot day? I heard one person say it was around 103*. All I know is that it was hot and I was sweating. Jacob and I walked around the 3 blocks a couple of times trying to find the was at the front of the line and we were looking at the back! Anyway, we found it and Jacob was able to ride on the float. He was sure happy that it all worked out!

I'm not sure if you noticed that Jacob (in the red shirt) is in 2 different spots in the pictures. The parade is so fun (and a bit short) that they go around the parade route (2 blocks) 2 times. So, he must have gotten bored and moved himself once they were in line again.

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