Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day at Dad's Company Picnic

The day was beautiful, the food was FABULOUS (T-bones, salmon, corn on the cob, Hagendaaz ice-cream bars, etc.) BUT the wasps were everywhere when we were eating. Poor Josh - they really like him because he is SOOO SWEET. He went and sat in the truck while we were eating. The entertainment was the best. The Reptile Man came and showed off some of his collection. His zoo is really cool but we don't get there often enough - a bit of a drive for us.

Here is Josh holding Alice the Alligator. Jacob holding Alice. Looks cuddly, huh?
Jacob holding the Blue Tounged Skink. She was pretty cool and yes, she has a blue tounge.
She looks kinda like a hot dog with legs. Learn more about her here.

Jacob holding a boa constrictor. He was in heaven.
**He wants a snake but I told him he will have to wait till he gets his OWN house.**

Dad and Josh sharing a bonding moment while downing Mt. Dew....their drink of choice.
This was taken while we were waiting for the raffle drawing. We didn't win anything but it was fun waiting for the numbers to be called.

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