Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football Season is here - and my BABY is playing

Well, I knew it would come sooner or later but it is here NOW! My baby - who is 9 and reminds me that he is NOT a baby anymore - is now playing TACKLE football. He has played flag football for the past 2 years but has just been itching to get into tackle. His team is called the Cougars - which is a bit of a problem for the parents who are HUSKY fans (Go DAWGS!!!) - but he has good boys on the team and a wonderful coaching staff.

They started the season off with practices and a car wash to help offset the cost of the BLACK pants for our team. The Boys and Girls club provides white pants (I wonder if any of them have had children play football in white pants and then try to get the grass and mud stains out of them?????). I would have been more than happy to pay full price for the black pants just to save on laundry. I thought I would get carpal tunnel syndrome last year when Josh played tackle and wore the white pants.
Coach Darren and the boys trying to get some customers.

Jacob taking a break and playing with Wally.

Check out those good looking boys...Jacob and Marcus.

Working hard - Jacob is at the front corner.

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