Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fishin on the River - the Salmon are coming

We have been to the river 2 times so far. The first was in our boat and we didn't have the right set up or bait. But it was sunny and warm.

The second time we went we had the right bait.....sandshrimp. We didn't take the boat since we went with friends. We were fishing on the sandbar and still didn't have MUCH luck. We had a few bites but couldn't get one to stay on the hook.

Here is the sandshrimp.
I HATE using live bait because I feel so bad for them when they get skewered onto the hook. The boys don't seem to mind though.

Josh, Marcus and Darren are on the other beach.
Tammy came to visit with Mungi and I since none of us "girls" fish.

Here is Ken's BIG CATCH. Poor little fishy!

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traci said...

you gotta use wing bobbers with the smelly stuff over the shrimp and wait till they really yank on that pole.....