Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sorry the picture is blurry - it makes me a bit sea-sick looking at it but it was the best picture I could get with them burried.

The babies were born Tuesday night. We have 11 tiny, pink, hairless mice that are making faint squeeks! They are so cute but the mommies have them hidden really well and don't like us to uncover the babies. We just peek in once or twice. Today the black and white mommy nipped at me while I was trying to get a peek.

We are not sure if Josh's mouse had babies too or if they are all from the black and white mouse. If they are, Josh's mouse is a great NANNY!
Here is a picture of Jacob's mouse on Tuesday night before we went to bed. She could hardly fit through the tunnels and was trying to "run" on the wheel. You can see her little tummy bulging.


Nancy said...

Eleven baby mice? Wow, you are brave. Are you shopping for another mouse-house or 2,3,4?

Mel-Beth said...

No new houses are in store for our mice.....they will be finding new homes - maybe make some little children good Christmas presents. Know any softies for me to contact?