Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

I am a slacker costume pictures! Can you believe it??? I will make the boys dress up again and take a picture to post later. Josh made his own costume and Jacob used his costume from last year becuase he didn't have enough money to buy the costume he wanted the first time we saw it. When he finally had the money, the costume was sold out.

We took the boys trick-or-treating around our house and then went to Clint and Angie's for a party and they got to go AGAIN around their neighborhood. Thank goodness the rain stopped in time. It was even warmish - or at least not cold!

Josh enjoys sorting his candy but not quite as much as eating it! He hasn't weighed his yet but when he does, be sure there will be an update!
Jacob's goodie weighed in at 5 pounds! I'm sure his doctor at Children's will be thrilled! We will definitely ration it and maybe trade it in for a prize.....then Dad can take it to work so Mom won't eat it!

Obbie even got in on the goodie sorting....he picked out his piece and guarded it! Of course, after a while he got distracted and left it so we could throw it one wanted to eat it after he added his doggy slobber to it!

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