Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mous Baby Update

The babies are now 1 week old and the mommies have moved them into 2 different spots in the cage because we kept peeking at them. They now have eyes instead of little black bumps but they are not open yet. The moms have made a nest in one of the tubes of the Critter Trails. Today we were watching and one of the babies rolled out of the tube. In a couple of seconds the mom stuck her head out of the tube and sniffed around and grabbed the baby by the scruff of the neck and arm and pulled it back inside the tube....It was pretty funny. A few minutes later 3 of the babies and rolled and wiggled out of the tube and were squirming around the entrance of the cage. Out popped the mommy's head and one by one she grabbed them with her sharp little teeth and pulled them in. I am amazed at how gentle her grasp must be on their tender little skin. There is a little bit of fuzz on them now. I will get a picture next time they "fall" out of the nest.

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