Thursday, November 13, 2008

THINK Project - Catalog Tower

The CHALLENGE - to build as large a tower as possible with only a catalog.
The first tower was crumpled pages put in a pile....didn't hold very well. SOOOOO.......Mungi explained that when she was young her family didn't have money for staples so the tore little "flaps" to hold paper together. She showed us how to make the blocks and then use the "flaps" to hold them together. Then we discovered that since we had so much crumpled paper we could put a ball of paper in the block and it would be sturdier.
Jacob wanted his own picture with the tower because he liked the look with 2 blocks on top of the tower.

This project ended up being a multi-generational project! Mungi (our name for Grandma) and Mom made the blocks for the tower and the boys stuffed the blocks with crumpled paper and then stacked them into the tower. It ended up measuring about 18" tall and 13" square at the bottom. It could have been much larger but we needed to get Math done today as well! There are a LOT of pages in the JC Penny Christmas Catalog.

Of course they had to end the building session by rolling in the left over supplies. Then we had a race to see who could pick up the most paper.....I think Jacob won!

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