Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baseball Season

Jacob decided to play baseball this season. He played T-Ball back in Kindergarten but hasn't played on a team (he is always wanting to play catch in the yard) since then.
His 9th Birthday was May 9 and he had a game that morning. Friday at practice he told the coach that he would like to try pitching. He neglected to tell us this or we would have practiced with him. So, Saturday came and guess who pitched the first inning???? OUR SON! Whew! I was a nervous wreck for him. He did pretty good for never having done it before. He concluded that pitching is hard and a bit nerve racking.
Here's Coach Jim helping with a few pointers to get him started.

THEN, he decided that he wanted to try catching! Well, like before, we would have practiced with him if we would have known. He gave it a try and decided that catching is a bit scary and would just stick to fielding.
Right after the replacement catcher came in, he got his thumb hurt by the ball. That cinched it for Jacob. Yep, sticking to the fielding!

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Nancy said...

Kevin would have loved to work with Jacob when you were here. Maybe next time. I am always nervous when Kevin pitches -- anticipating line drives right back to him. David's last words to him before every game? "Be a fielder" -- to be ready to field a ball as soon as he releases the pitch.