Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time in YUMA, AZ

The Yuma Proving Ground is a HUGE area of desert used by the military to train soldiers for desert work. Sometimes when you drive by you can see tanks doing maneuvers. This time we didn't see any action on the field but we did see a few convoys of soldiers driving back to the base. It was amazing to actually see them ready to protect us like they will overseas! They were in all their gear in the back of military jeeps. It was hot for us in shorts and t-shirts. We finally understood a little of how hot it must be for them while they are protecting our freedom! THANK YOU to all those who choose to protect us!!!! FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

Here are some of the tanks that are on display at the proving grounds.
The boys love the piccolo pete's on Fourth of July and we found a giant sized one!!! Can you imagine the noise this must make???!!!

Here is a picture of a bee hive that sprung up on one of the missile launchers. Ken didn't get too close to take the picture and the boys and I were running the opposite direction incase he made them mad!

I think this one is called the Johnny Rocket. WOW! Are they big or what?! I sure am glad that I am on our side and not on the receiving side of these missiles!

Here is a shot of a tank. Once again, I was reminded of the heat of the desert and being inside a metal enclosure....can anyone say, "HOT!!"? I'm not sure if they have A/C now but in the older tanks I'm sure they didn't!Check out the photo gallery from the Yuma Proving Ground website...some amazing pictures!

MEXICO!!!! What fabulous food they have! We always eat at Lupita's Taco Cart when we go down. This year we got to go there 2 times!!!! YUMMY! They make fish and shrimp tacos right in front of you! And boy are they good! I am going to try to make one at home but I'm not sure it will have the same authentic taste.

This is Lupita's brother making our tacos

After you get your tacos you proceed to the topping area where they have shredded cabbage, sour cream dressing, 2 types of salsa, and limes. Here is a picture of mine. I just put cabbage, sour cream and lime on mine!!!! Oh sooooooo good!
Here is Jacob eating his 3rd taco and working on his 2nd bottle of Fanta.
This was after he gave us a bit of a scare. His blood sugar dropped to 36 while we were standing in line for our tacos. Ken went and grabbed him a Fanta and we had him start drinking it. Then the hunger kicked in. It is God's way of making the body kick into survival mode when the blood sugars drop so low. Normally he can eat 1 or maybe 2 tacos but he chowed down on 3 today.
We stopped in Oatman, Arizona this year to let the boys see the wild burros. Usually there are quite a few that wonder into town each day to get snacks from the tourists. This year there were only 2 in town so they were getting all the attention and carrots they could eat.
This is a picture of REALLY WILD burros. We saw them in the desert just a few miles outside of Oatman. They were just off the road munching on whatever it is that they munch on in the desert. It all looked pretty dry and yucky to me but they must like it! As luck would have it, we had carrots in the car so the boys wandered out to feed them while I stayed in the car and chewed my nails hoping they wouldn't get kicked or stampeded. The burros were very nervous as the boys approached them. They patiently waited to see if one would get close enough to feed.

AND.........persistence finally paid off.
Josh got to feed this one. He is the only one that came to eat our goodies.
The others trotted a ways off and watched with their ears twitching.

While we were at Grandma and Grandpa's we played games.
The boys liked to try to beat Grandpa at Skip-Bo. They got pretty good at it, too!
We also had almost nightly games of Mexican Train.

Of course, one of the highlights is ROCK HOUNDING in the desert. Once again, did I mention how hot the desert is? And it's not even summer yet! That gets me to thinking about how the pioneers survived coming across the desert to settle the west. It is really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. I can't even imagine!!
Exploring the mountain. They found lots of Rose Quartz and some Copper.
Here is a picture of an ocotillo in bloom. They grow very tall so I couldn't get a great picture of the blooms. Check this out to see more blooming pictures!

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