Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pool and Gecko Fun

Have I mentioned that I love the sun and relaxing by the pool. I could definitely live somewhere warm (year round as opposed to the NW where it is cool and usually rainy). Although I do realize that I am just enjoying vacation and don't have the daily responsibilities, I still think that the daily routine would be nicer in the warm sun!!!!

Jacob lounging in the pool!

The pool felt soooo good!
Lots of splashing and jumping in to make bigger splashes!!

Once darkness falls, it's time for GECKO PATROL.

Here are some of the geckos we found out front. There weren't many in the backyard this year. Or else, they had really good hiding places in all the crevices and rocks.

We found this guy just after he caught a moth. He didn't eat it in front of us. Maybe he thought we would want some too. But, not to worry~ we were full from our own dinner.

This year, I don't think any geckos lost tails due to us. Last year the record was not so good. The good thing (for us) is that we discovered the tails wiggle all over to distract the attacker so the gecko can get away!! God sure did cover all the bases in His creation!
We did find one gecko from last year that had 2 tails - the original one and the one that started growing back.
These are the Mediterranean Gecko. Click here to learn more about them.


Nan Keltie said...

Those geckos remind me of the time our children (ages 8, 6 and 4 at the time) found two tiny lizards outside on a crisp, autumn day in Kentucky. They may have been all of 4 inches long, tail and all, and they weren't moving yet, because the sun hadn't warmed them.

The kids brought them indoors and studied lizards up close, lizards in the encyclopedia, lizards in movement (they sure moved when they warmed up!)

I can still hear the laughter and delight during an unexpected science project that occurred that day. Thanks for stirring up some happy memories!

Nancy said...

Yes, you were on vacation -- life in the sun is different when the duties are present, but I still love the sun even though it doesn't love me.