Friday, October 24, 2008


Today we went on a field trip with MP3 (our homeschool group). We went to Snohomish to check out the 12 acre corn maze in the shape of Washington State. Our family got a map of Washington with certian places highlighted that we needed to "visit" and record an interesting fact.
The wagon train dropped us off at Clarkston and our first destination was Walla Walla. Did you know that CAMELS were used as pack animals between Walla Walla and Missoula in the 1860's? It's true!
Then we were off to the Grand Coulee Dam. 81 men died building the dam. Our next destination was Nez Perce'. They were called Nez Perce by the FRENCH FUR TRADERS because some members of the tribe had pierced noses.

Then we went to find the Cascade Tunnel. Did you know it is 7.8 miles long? Well, it is!
We also went to Seattle and found out that Mary Denny's clothesline was used to measure the depth of the bay.

We then made our way around the "penninsula" to Port Angeles which, to my surprise, was the backup capital of the USA during the Civil War.

We finally made it out of the state at Gray's Harbor and back to the bus just in time to head home. We were a bit disappointed that we didn't get to explore the farm more but the maze turned out to be very educational. The boys had the map and were navigating (for the most part) us (me and Mungi) . I did have to step in a few times and say, "STOP!!! We are going the wrong way." but that was just toward the end when I was starting to panic about missing the bus. Snohomish is a long drive but would be a VERY LONG walk if we missed the bus!


Julie said...

What an amazing idea... a cornmaze in the shape of the state! And with the "right" towns and roads! How VERY cool!


Mel-Beth said...

It was pretty neat but I did realize that we need to cover map reading a bit more!