Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes, it's true - we have 2 new additions to our family!

I KNOW, I KNOW , I KNOW! We have enough animals here at Britton Barnyard - 3 dogs (2 outside and 1 inside), 4 chickens (for eggs - not meat), 2 rabbits (for pets - not meat), and 6 fish (no - I don't let the boys practice fishing in the tank)! Well, now we have 2 more little girls! I went to Cenex yesterday to get straw for our chickens' laying boxes and out we came with straw and 2 adorable little mice.

Now, before you scream, "YUCK!" just look at my boys' faces. They are absolutely radiant!

So, yesterday for science we set up the Mouse House (habitat if you want to be very scientific). As many of you know my boys are really into Legos so we found a little mouse wheel that they had to build and of course there was a matching "playland" that they also put together. While they were doing that I was diligently cleaning out the tank from when we had frogs this summer. The little girls LOVE the wheel. Last night they were both in it and while one was running the other was doing loopdy-loops.

Today I had to keep reminding the boys that they couldn't play with their mice until their schoolwork was done. ~THEY SURE DID WORK HARD AND FAST TODAY~ I think the other thing that helped is that we were studying fish and the food cycle which is another one of our family obsessions - well, really the boys and Ken have the obsession....I just get to go along for the boat ride and read and take pictures of the catches of the day!


dpizzaboy said...

I would like to teach your boys a lesson about "how to lose at video games". The lessons are free and should only take about 15 minutes.

Julie said...

Yea, Mel-Beth! You got another post up :0)

We love the little mice - they're adorable! Gunnar says that the one Jacob is holding looks kind of like a skunk!

Good night...

Julie and boys

Marcus Benson said...

What beautiful animals and the gerbals are cute too.