Friday, October 24, 2008

Mouse House Update

Well, I promised a picture of the completed Mouse House and HERE IT IS! The mice really seem to like it. Josh's mouse is in the blue box on the left and Jacob's mouse is running on the wheel. They also like to be held and are very curious exploring the house in their little run-around-balls.
We have also added a Daddy mouse to see if we can have babies. So, if/when that happens we will have furry friends to share! We may have a Daddy mouse to share after our first batch of babies as well. We don't need to keep making babies but would like the experience of it one time.


Julie said...

Love the Mouse House (you know that's what they call Disney Studios, right?!)

About the Daddy and babies idea... fun, yes.

You do realize how quickly they multiply, riiiggghht?!


Mel-Beth said...

Yes they do multiply quickly....did you see the offer for furry friends? Feel free to accept! If you can do spiders, you can do mice! ;-)

Nancy said...

You are a brave soul, Me-Beth.

P.S. I like the background - very appropriate for life with the boys.