Monday, October 20, 2008

Not for the Faint of Heart

Well, Jacob found quite a surprise when he walked out the front door today. A DEAD (thankfully) rat. YUCK!!!!

Yes, I know that we did just purchase mice for pets - but they are FANCY mice, not just the everyday run of the mill mice. But we did NOT invite this little fellow into our yard.

Ken figured it smelled the yummy peanut butter smelling mole poison that he is tempting our pesky mole with. I guess it works for rats also.

Jacob had to put gloves on to dispose of this furry invader and of course we had to take a picture!



Hi~ My wife has found a blog through this site with several home schoolers where each week they choose a word as a theme and do a project. The site is

You may like it.

I was just surfing and saw your kids and noted the home schooling...


Nancy said...

Good thing you have boys. Could you image Emily having to dispose of a dead rat? I'm so glad to see Jacob donned gloves for the task. Fun times at the Haug house!

Mel-Beth said...

I love the unplugged website. Thanks for the info. I think you might see some projects around here that come from there!

Mel-Beth said...

You have a good point about Emily trying to dispose of our "friend". I was pleasantly surprised when Jacob showed up with gloves to tackle the situation. Our germ talks must be sinking in. The other day they found a dead opposum at a friend's house. They didn't have gloves but they did use sticks to capture the bones and then WASHED and WASHED without being asked. There is hope for clean boys!