Sunday, October 26, 2008

Final Football games of the season

What a great day! The sun was shining and the boys played great!
First up was Jacob's game at noon. He got a touchdown and did pull a few flags but it was a hard game and they lost by 4 touchdowns. The team he played did have all 3rd graders which gave them an advantage. But our guys had kept good attitudes through the whole game.

Here is a little video clip of Jacob (the blonde) running the ball.

After the game we went to Round Table for Jacob's party and yummy pizza.

Then off to Josh's game...they won 32 to 13 (I think). Josh got in on a couple tackles and had a lot of playing time. He really enjoyed it - but he was also glad that it was the last game. I am just glad that we made it through the season without any broken bones! Josh is #87.Here is video clip of Josh - you'll have to look hard as he was a bit hard to follow. I think he is near the back and coming across the screen. The numbers are kinda hard to see when they are doing the plays - Could someone please tell them to slow down?

We now have a week with no practices - what are we going to do with ourselves in the evenings? Oh, that's right! The boys are making their costumes this year so I think that will consume most of our time this week. Uh Oh.....I just looked at the calendar - Jacob has his first indoor soccer game on Thursday night. Well, the nice thing about indoor soccer is that there are no practices! YIPEE! And the games are very fast paced and entertaining! AND IT IS INSIDE - no rain or wind!

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