Wednesday, October 29, 2008

THINK project - Apples

We did our first THINK project (check out the website - it's posted in my FAVORITE SITES). Yes, it counts for school! It is Critical Thinking/Logic! This week the theme was Apples. The project was to use an apple and 4 toothpicks and sculpt it into something with your teeth.
Jacob made his first one a totem pole (he used 2 apples - not sure if that is cheating).

Jacob then kept going once he took his totem pole apart and ended up with an airplane.

Josh had many options in his first apple.....I forgot to feed him breakfast and the Grand Canyon turned into an apple core. So, he started over and it was a bit safer for the sculpture. He ended up with ......SURPRISE......the Death Star from Star Wars. I knew that those of you who know of his obsession with Star Wars would be shocked!

This is going to be a thing we try to do every week. THINK posts a challenge each week and then you can see all the great ideas kids and families come up with!


Julie said...

It would HAVE to be the Death Star!


Nancy said...

Such fun creative activities.

Can't blame a hungry growing boy for his results. He must have eaten before gathering the eggs in your last post, or he may have eaten one on the way back to the house. In AZ that would be possible - just fry it on the sidewalk.